About the German photographer, Gerald v. FORIS

Gerald v. FORIS is a portrait photographer living in Munich. He works in the film and music industry and has portrayed many celebrities, including writers such as Günter Grass and athletes such as Sepp Maier and Manuel Neuer, alongside music greats such as Udo Jürgens, director Werner Herzog and actors such as Jürgen Vogel and Lars Eidinger. He has also self-published some very intelligent photo books.

Photo books by Gerald v. FORIS

'Schädel' (2021); 'Ich hatte zwar eigentlich Lamm bestellt, aber kein Problem' (2021); 'Das, mein Sohn, wird alles einmal dir gehören'; 'Das letzte Gericht oder Die Strafe Gottes'; 'Frisches Trauma' (2015); 'Wunden' (debut photo book, incl. talk-CD, 2010)

For the self published, signed photo book 'Schädel' (Skull) by Gerald v. FORIS, an anonymous lover of the skull bone granted a comprehensive insight into its anatomical collection. An undramatically but effectively as a photo book staged portrait title.
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Photo volume 'Wunden' by Gerald von FORIS, a self published book with color photographs is a very tasteful compendium full of calm and peaceful still lifes: the photographer has traveled around the world collecting motifs that are disturbed in their calm.
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This self-published volume, 'Ich hatte zwar eigentlich Lamm bestellt, aber kein Problem' has the subtitle 'A walk through my soul'. As in his other, self-published book titles, Gerald v. FORIS has its own, highly inspiring imagery. Limited to 300 copies.
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