About Catalan photographic artist, Joan FONTCUBERTA (b. 1955, in Barcelona)

Joan FONTCUBERTA i Villà is an artist, teacher, writer and curator who specializes in photography. He became known mainly for his two works 'Fauna' and 'Sputnik', in which he criticized the veracity of photography. After studying communications, he initially worked in advertising from 1977. Since the foundation of the magazine PhotoVison (1980) he has been a member and its editor. Since 1993 he has been teaching audiovisual communication at the UPF Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. In 1996 he was the Artistic Director of the photography festival Rencontres d'Arles. In 2015 he was the Artistic Director of Mois de la Photo à Montréal, whose program he developed under the motto La condition post-photographique.

Photo books by and about Joan FONTCUBERTA

  • 'Estética fotográfica' (1984, 2003); 'Herbarium' (1984, 1985); 'Dr. Anthill's Fauna' (1988); 'Fotografía. Conceptos y procedimientos' (1990); 'La Critica Fotografica' (1991); 'Historia artificial: El cor i les tenebres' (1992); 'Contravisiones' (1994, 2000); 'El beso de Judas. Fotografía y verdad' (1997, 2007, 2015);

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This 2nd volume, 'Conversations 2', by Rémi Coignet contains a set of 15 talks he did with players in contemporary photography to investigate the role of the volumes in the work of photographers, designers & publishers - and how their books are designed.
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'Imago Ergo Sum', with eight projects by of Joan FONTCUBERTA (Herbarium, Fauna, Sputnik, Securitas, Pin Zhuang, Miracles, Deconstructing Osama and Trepat) stake out an inquiry rightly known as the problematization of the 'regimes of truth' in photography.
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'The Photography of Nature & The Nature of Photography' was published on the occasion of the Hasselblad Award to Joan FONTCUBERTA. It contains 6 of his most famous series, revealing his ingenious work as a photographer, essayist, humorist & fantasy artist
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'Pandora's Camera' by Joan FONTCUBERTA gathers essays in which he considers the technological changes photography has experienced since the 2000s: between loss & hope, the disappearance of silver gelatin photography as well as the possibilities of digital
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The leporello photo book 'Prosopagnosia' by Joan FONTCUBERTA & Pilar Rosado shows portraits from the 1930s, which serve as the basis of the project. On the back are images produced with artificial intelligence - as a wonderful sequence of failed attempts.
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The photographic volume 'Contravisiones' by Joan FONTCUBERTA describes the elements that erode, question and defy the logic of the photographic language itself. This selection is about the search for elements that tend to the unreal, magical and dreamlike
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HC (20 x 23 cm., 146 pp.) in claimshelll box (with an orig. Trepat Fact.Harv. blade mounted on the cover), Ltd. to 350 numb. & signed copies, French
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other books by Joan FONTCUBERTA
  • 'Frottogrammes' (1998); 'Contemporary photography from Spain' (1998, by Wolfgang Gmyrek); 'Fauna' (1999, 2012); 'Sputnik' (1999); 'Twilight Zones' (2000); 'Volte-face, les sirènes de Digne' (2000); 'Virxilio Vieitez, o retrato' (2000); 'Introducción a la historia de la fotografía en Cataluña' (2000); 'Contanatura' (2001); 'Phaidon 55' (2001); 'Photography: Crisis of History' (2003, 2004); 'Landscapes Without Memory' (2005); 'Sciences-Friction' (2005); 'Perfida imago' (2006); 'Conversations With Contemporary Photographers' (2006, together with Graciela ITURBIDE, Max PAM, Duane MICHALS, Miguel Rio BRANCO, Philip-Lorca DiCORCIA, Alex WEBB, Bernard PLOSSU, Thomas STRUTH, Javier VALLHONRAT, William KLEIN, e. a.); 'Deconstructing Osama. The truth about the case of Manbaa Mokfhi' (2007); 'Orogénesis. Gibraltar' (2007); 'Historias de la fotografía española' (2008); 'Googlegramas' (2008); 'A través del espejo' (2010); 'Pandora's Camera. Photogr@phy after Photography' (2010, in other languages: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017); 'The Photography of Nature & The Nature of Photography' (2013); 'From here on: Postphotography in the Age of Internet and the Mobile Phone' (2013, together with Joachim SCHMID, Martin PARR, Erik KESSELS, Clément Chéroux); 'Barcelona vista por los grandes fotógrafos' (2013); 'Deletrix' (2013, 2014); 'Trepat. A case study in avant-garde photography' (2014); 'Artist's Sketchbook' (2015); 'Imago, ergo sum' (2016); 'Wundergarten Der Natur' (2016); 'Miradas de Asturias' (2016); 'Conversations 2' (2016, by Remi Coignet, co. With Didier BEN LOULOU, Daniel BLAUFUKS, BROOMBERG & CHANARIN, Patrick FAIGENBAUM, Pieter HUGO, Klara KÄLLSTRÖM & Thobias FÄLDT, Erik KESSELS, Bertien van MANEN, Aron Mörel, Akio Nagasawa, Greger Ulf NILSON, Christian PATTERSON, Martin PARR, Lise SARFATI, Stéphanie SOLINAS, Alec SOTH, Gerhard Steidl, Eric TABUCHI as well as Mariken WESSELS); 'Paralipomena' (2017); 'Joachim Gomis: Fotografo' (2017); 'American ABCD: Authors, Interpreters and composers, Vol. 1-4 ' (2017); 'La furia delle immagini' (2018); 'Poems of the Alchemist' (2019); 'Prosopagnosia' (2020, with Pilar Rosado); 'La furia de las imágenes' (2020); 'Revelacions' (2017, 2020); 'image/con/text/: Documentary Practices between Journalism, Art and Activism' (2020, together with Karen Fromm, Sophia Greiff, Malte Radtki, Laia ABRIL, Crofton Black, Edmund CLARK, Eva LEITOLF, Max PINCKERS, Peter PUKLUS, Fred Ritchin, e. a.); 'Non recensiti (2021, with photographs by Gabriele BASILICO); 'Chuck Samuels: Becoming Photography' (2021); 'Kintsugi' (2021); 'Manifeste pour une post-photographie' (2022); 'Resonancias' (2022); 'Ça-a-été?. Contra Barthes' (2022)
  • 1988: David Octavius Hill Medal of the GDL Photographic Academy.
    2013: Hasselblad Award of the Hasselblad Foundation Gothenburg.