About Swiss photo artists Peter FISCHLI (b.1952) & David WEISS (1946-2012)

“Peter FISCHLI and David WEISS, often known as FISCHLI/WEISS for short, were an artist duo that had been working together since 1979. The two were among the most renowned contemporary artists in Switzerland. Their best-known work is the film 'Der Lauf der Dinge' (The Course of Things), which became an audience success during documenta 8 in 1987 and made them internationally famous. For their works, they used a wide range of artistic forms of expression, from film, photography and artists' books to sculptures made from a wide variety of materials and multimedia installations. They adapted everyday objects and situations, which they placed in an artistic context with humor and irony, thus posing philosophical and theoretical questions about the explanation of the world.art critics see parallels to the artists Marcel Duchamp, Dieter Roth or Jean Tinguely in the often parodic attitude of their works. FISCHLI/WEISS represented Switzerland several times at the Venice Biennale and other international cultural events. Both lived and worked in Zurich.” (Source: Wikipedia, https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Fischli_und_David_Weiss)

(Photo)books by and with works by Peter FISCHLI & David WEISS

  • 'Catalog volume Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris' (1999);'Sichtbare Welt' (2001); 'Findet mich das Glück?' (2003); 'Fotografias' (2005);

2005, re-edit, Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 22,5 x 19 x 1,5 cm., 96 pp., b/w ills., text language: English
49,80 € *
SC (no dust jacket, as issued), 840 pp., (40 text & pictures), 25,5 x 31,5 x 5 cm., German only
0,00 € *
In their out-of-print photographic volume 'Sun, Moon and Stars', the prominent Swiss photo artists Pter FISCHLI & David WEISS deal with advertising and advertising photography.
48,00 € * Weight 3.9 kg
The volume 'Through the Looking Brain' examines one of the best and most comprehensive collections in the field of conceptual, mainly serial photography. Their spectrum ranges from the 1970s to the present day and includes major works and central groups.
19,80 € * Weight 1.7 kg
The out-of-print photo catalogue 'Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris' by Peter FISCHLI & David WEISS consists of forty unbound photographs from the series 'Flowers' (1997-98), colorful double exposures of blossoms, leaves and lush plant life.
98,00 € * Weight 1 kg
In their out-of-print catalogue ‘Sichtbare Welt’ Peter FISCHLI & David WEISS take up the gesture of the vacation photo and in turn search for the perfect, most ordinary point of view. The encyclopaedic character of the work suggests an overview of reality
78,00 € * Weight 1.4 kg