The FIRST BOOK AWARD category includes both the winning titles from 2012 to the present, as well as titles placed on the comparatively short list, which are often out of print even without a title and have themselves become coveted book objects.

'Signs by the Roadside' by Miro KUZMANOVIC moves in a space where the historical and political narratives explaining the past of former Yugoslavia collide with the lived experience of individuals. It deals with the effects of the war in all its facets.
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'MARVEL' by Marvel HARRIS describes the journey of his personal battles with mental illness, self-love, acceptance, and gender identity, all told through a searing collection of self-portraits spanning the course of five years. MACK First Book Award 2021.
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'45' by Damian HEINISCH, is about train journeys on the Donesz-Oslo line that took place at three different times. It brings together a common family history, first in pictures followed by diary-like short texts. The 35mm photos are from his last trip.
120,00 € Weight 0.8 kg
'Centralia' exposes hidden crimes of war as an indigenous people fight for their survival. It explores the unsteady relationship between reality & fiction and how our perceptions of reality & truth are manipulated. Shortlisted for First Book Award in 2017
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First Book Award 2019. Combining fragments of personal history, of memory and imagination, 'Oobanken' builds photographic narratives through constructions & performances. Made in Myanmar, this series also mirror the context: a place once suspended in time
35,00 € *
'Alexander' is a story based on the relationship between politics, history and culture, centred around the construction of a national myth in the (former Yugoslav) republic of Macedonia - a state with no name. On the Shortlist for First Book Award 2019.
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Layer by layer, the book reveals the complex life of the Chechen capital. Chechen suicide bombers attack public places and Chechen police detain civilians for their involvement with the radical Islamic underground. Shortlisted for First Book Award 2017.
48,00 €
'TTP' by Hayahisa TOMIYASU consists of a series of photos taken from the 8th floor window of his student dormitory in Leipzig. Each picture is composed similarly, but turning the page, we see how the function of the ping-pong table is constantly changing.
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'Monsanto' illuminates in form of an investigative photographic study, the facets of a chemical company. In order to establish itself globally, it presents itself as a future-oriented and salvific omnipotence. On the shortlist of the First Book Award 2016
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For the study of the construction of our social reality, JUROTSCHKIN uses the words for the title, with which the research commission in Tarkovsky's film 'Solaris' (1986) denies the traces of alien life on the planet. Shortlisted for First Book Award 2017
37,00 €