About the photographer, Gerard Petrus FIERET (1924-2009)

In the Netherlands he is considered a pioneer of photography as a form of autonomous visual art. Although his photographic activities were concentrated on a period of only ten years (1965-1975) without interruption, Gerard Petrus FIERET created an enormous oeuvre. This outstanding photographer was an obsessive recorder of everything that came his way: people, animals, street scenes, and himself. Most of all, he loved women - models, students, young mothers, dancers, and waitresses - or just body parts like Photographing breasts, feet or long legs isolated.

Photo books by and about the work of Gerard Petrus FIERET

'Retrospective' (exhibition catalog, 2016)

The photo book volume 'Retrospective' is a catalog about Gerard Petrus FIERET and gives an idea of ​​the enormous oeuvre the Dutch photographer has created as an obsessive recorder of everything that came his way in a period of just ten years (1965-1975).
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