About US-American photographer, Brad FEUERHELM (b.1977, in La Crosse)

Brad FEUERHELM is a collector of photographs, artist, curator, dealer, and writer. He has published several books about his collection and work and has written for many different magazines both in print and online.  In 2012 he published his first book with 'Self Publish Be Happy' (Coll. MOMA, NY) and has since published several more books. In addition, he is managing editor and partner of American Suburb X.

Photo books by as well as with works by Brad FEUERHELM

  • 'Club Vol. II' (2012); 'Soft Touch' (2015); 'Goodbye America' (2016); 'Dein Kampf' (2020); 'Mondo Decay' (2021);

From its title to its formal arrangement of language, 'Dein Kampf' suggests a commentary on our cyclical anxieties about ideology. Anxiety is implicit in his photographs and Berlin - a city in which several ideologies collided - is their natural backdrop.
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Brad FEUERHELM's out-of-print photo book 'Soft Touch' includes a compilation of images taken from various magazines and 'reformatted' into a sticker album - a commentary on empathy in photography and the economics of mass distribution.
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In his out-of-print photo book 'Goodbye America', limited to only 300 copies, Brad FEUERHELM (b.1977) takes us through a series of images with which he sets a destructive process in motion, a target shooting at any kind of decline of 'The American Dream'.
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