About the Swiss photographer, Lukas FELZMANN (b. 1959, in Zurich)

Lukas FELZMANN is an artist and educator. He has been living and working in San Francisco since 1981 where he teaches photography at the Department of Art and Art History at Stanford University. His work and installations contain sculptural elements, and through photographic means he explores the intersections of the natural and the cultural. Lukas FELZMANN has already published four photo volumes until now.

Photo books by Lukas FELZMANN

'Landfall' (2004); 'Waters in Between' (2008); 'Swarm' (2011); 'Gull Juju' (2015)

'Waters in Between' by Lukas FELZMANN shows the diversity of areas in the USA: agriculturally used areas, modern provincial towns as well as transition zones. Photographs of water in all its facets runs through the volume, just as water flows through.
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This book, 'Landfall' by Lukas FELZMANN, shows roads silting up in the middle of nowhere, buildings without sense, flotsam: these photos open up their profound symbolism in the field of tension between longing and memory, hope and pain, dream and reality.
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In 'Swarm', Lukas FELZMANN deals with the flock movements of migratory birds. His b/w photographs offer a unique view of the beauty as well as the complexity and diversity of flight variations. 'Best Photography Book of the Year' Award, in 2012 in Madrid.
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