About the American photographer, Wendy EWALD (b. 1951, in Detroit)

Wendy EWALD has spent more than 40 years collaborating with children, families, and teachers all over the world. In her work, she encourages her collaborators to use cameras (as well as using the camera herself) to record themselves, their families and their communities, and to articulate their fantasies and dreams. She often has them mark or write on her own negatives, thereby challenging the concept of who actually makes an image. Beneath solo exhibitions, fe at the International Center of Photography in New York and many honors include a Guggenheim Fellowship, she has also already published some photo volumes.

Photo books by Wendy EWALD (a selection)

'Portraits and Dreams' (2020, reissue); 'This is where I live' (2015); 'The Transformation of This World Depends on You' (2014); 'Towards a Promised Land' (2006); 'In Peace and Harmony. Carver Portraits' (2006); I Wanna take a Picture' (2002); 'Magic Eyes. Scenes from an Andean Childhood' (1992); 'Portraits and Dreams' (1985); 'Appalachia. A Self Portrait' (1979)

The book 'The Devil is Leaving His Cave' by Wendy EWALD shows the daily lives of Mayan communities im Mexico just before the devastating aftermath of the Zapatista uprising - complemented by new work created in collaboration with young Mexican Americans.
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New edition, second printing. Wendy EWALD's 'Portraits and Dreams' - begun in 1975 - offers access to a view of the rural south of the USA that is expanded through the eyes of children. It contains alos recordings and stories from the original publication
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Photo and text volume, 'A Promsed Land', by Wendy EWALD is a moving document. The migrant children of various origins living in Margate, a run-down British seaside resort, talk about their arrival, their fears and their everyday lives.
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