About US-american photographer, Walker EVANS (1903-1975)

The importance of Walker EVANS is based essentially on the photographs he took during the Great Depression in the mid-1930s. With his work at the FSA, he continued the great American tradition of social documentary photographers, but used a very personal view of the people portrayed. Early he turned away from the pictorialism of Edward STEICHEN or Alfred STIEGLITZ. With the frontal, seemingly neutral approach in his architectural photography he is a forerunner of Bernd & Hilla BECHER. He can also be seen as a forerunner of 'Street photography'. His influence on Garry WINOGRAND is widely documented; for Helen LEVITT he was a cooperation partner and mentor in 1938/39. Furthermore it can be assumed that Robert FRANK's 'The Americans' was created under the influence of his work.

Photo books by and on works by Walker EVANS (a selection)

'Photograph ohne Vorbild' (2021) ; 'New Deal Photography' (2015); 'Walker Evans' (2017); 'Double Elephant. five volumes with works by Garry WINOGRAND, Manuel ÁLVAREZ BRAVO and by Lee FRIEDLANDER' (2015); 'American Photographs' (2012); 'Books on Books, #2: Walker Evans . American Photographs' (2010); 'Decade by Decade' (2010); 'Lyric Documentary' (2006); 'FSA. The American Vision' (2006); 'Documentary And Anti-Graphic Photographs', together with works by Manuel ÁLVAREZ BRAVO as well as by Henri CARTIER-BRESSON' (2004); 'The Hungry Eye' (2004); 'Preisen will ich die großen Männer' (1989); 'Walker Evans at Work' (1994, 1982); 'First and Last' (1978); 'Message from the Interior' (1966)

German-language anniversary edition of the classic photo book. Walker EVANS put together 'American Photographs' himself. It became a sober, yet highly aesthetic description of the United States in the 1930s that influenced generations of photographers.
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For 'Floridas' Anastasia SAMOYLOVA photographed the sunshine state on intensive road trips. Black-and-white photographs by Walker EVANS from the 1930s to the 1970s are presented parallel to the contemporary color photos, thus interweaving past and present
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This Anniversary Edition of 'American Photographs' makes Walker EVANS' landmark book available again. Digital technologies aid in emulating the finely tuned balance of the 1938 reproductions, capturing as never before the look of the first edition.
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In German language 'Hinter der Kamera', Juliet Hacking portrays 38 of the most important personalities in the history of photography. By working out contexts, the portraits add to an overview of great innovations, trends and developments in photography.
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The book 'Walker Evans. America Leben und Kunst' by Svetlana Alpers about the photograph & heroe traces the phenomenon of a work whose author claimed that photography was the most literary of the visual arts. Afterword and translation are by Wolfgang Kemp
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Vol.2 of the 'Books on Books' series deals with the classic photo book 'American Photographs' by Walker EVANS. With its legendary 87 black and white photos that defined the documentary aesthetic, it is arguably the most important photo book ever published
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With works by Robert FRANK, Garry WINOGRAND, Joel STERNFELD, William EGGLESTON, Alec SOTH, Victor BURGIN, Taino ONORATO & Nico KREBS and many more
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This monograph traces the career of Walker EVANS on the basis of more than 300 images - from the first photos from the late 1920s to the Polaroids of the 70s. It also shows documents from his own collection, which give the reader a more thorough insight.
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The photo book 'Message from the Interiror' is a large-format, paperback volume consisting of twelve masterpieces by Walker EVANS: black and white photographs, carefully reproduced using the gravure printing process, show views of American interiors.
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'The Bitter Years: Edward Steichen and the FSA Photographs' contains all the photos from the original exhibition in the structure & sequence as conceived for the show. An important contribution, as there was no proper catalog for the show at the time.
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