About US-american photographer, Roe ETHRIDGE (b.1969, in Miami)

Roe ETHRIDGE received his BFA from the Atlanta College of Art in 1995. He moved to New York City two years later and began working as a commercial photographer. In his photographs, he uses the real to suggest—or disrupt—the ideal. Through commercial images of fashion models, products, and advertisements, as well as intimate moments from his own daily life, he reveals the fine line between the generic and the personal, merging art-historical genres such as the still life or portrait with the increasingly pervasive image culture of the present.

Photo books by Roe ETHRIDGE

'Rockaway, NY' (2007); 'Le Luxe' (2011); 'Sacrifice your Body' (2014); Neighbors' (2016); 'Shelter Island' (2017);'321' (2021); 'American Polychronic' (2022)

'Le Luxe' by Roe ETHRIDGE includes work from the 2000s without lapsing into the moribund weight of a retrospective. It continues his exploration of image making with diverse image inventories: from private images to magazine photos to archived screenshots
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The mood conveyed here suggests a nostalgic representation of scenes from a coastal village. Technically adept like an advertising photographer and thoughtful like a conceptualist, ETHRIDGE ponders the role & importance of photography in the modern world.
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The photo zine '321' by Roe ETHRIDGE is the result of a stay in Paris, Spring 2021, when the capital was under curfew. The photographer walked through the only moderately populated city and created this distinctive visual diary of a moment of in-between.
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'AMERICAN POLYCHRONIC' includes the works of Roe ETHRIDGE created from 2000 to 2021. Artistic & personal work is arranged chronologically and interwoven with his commercial photography in reverse order creating a vivid sequence of harmonies & dissonances.
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In the out-of-print book 'Sacrifice your body' by Roe ETHRIDGE, documentary images of his mother are combined with surreal collages and a series from a Chanel fashion shoot. The clash of visual styles, stories & meanings leads to uncomfortable dissonance.
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'Shelter Island' comprises a body of work made during a summer stay in Long Island, NY: faded objects, which are leitmotifs of an Americana of the past, speaking of a lifetime of childhood summers. Roe ETHRIDGE’s workis at once synthetic and spontaneous.
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