About the Chilean photographer, Paz ERRÀZURIZ (b. 1944)

Paz ERRÀZURIZ began taking photographs in the 1970s - during the Pinochet dictatorship.... In the following decades she made numerous trips to document the landscape & people of her homeland. During the dictatorship, she frequently violated regulations imposed by the military regime, daring to visit underground brothels, asylums, mental institutions, and boxing clubs - all places where women were not welcome. She became known for spending months or years in a particular community, building trust and carefully studying the social structures.

Photo books by and about the work of Paz ERRÀZURIZ.

'Survey' (2015)

'Paz Errázuriz: Survey', accompanied the major retrospective of the photographic work of the Chilean photographer spanning more than forty years and includes more than 170 photographs and texts by Juan Vicente Aliaga, Gerardo Mosquera and Paulina Varas.
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