About the Icelandic photographer, Katrín ELVARSDÓTTIR (b.1964)

Katrín ELVARSDÓTTIR completed her BFA degree from the Art Institute in Boston in 1993. She has had many solo and group exhibitions, both in Iceland and abroad. Until today five books have previously been published featuring her photographs and she has been nominated for various awards, like the EIKON Award in 2017, Deutsche Börse Photographic Prize in 2009 and the Honorary Award of the Icelandic Visual Art Copyright Association.

Photo books by Katrín ELVARSDÓTTIR

'Mórar-nærvídd / Revenants-Proximal Dimension' (2005); 'Equivocal' (2011); 'Vanished Summer' (2013); 'Double Happiness' (2016); 'Songbirds' (2021)

This self published photo volume, 'Songbirds' by Katrín ELVARSDÓTTIR, consists of grainy, imperfect color photographs which show (mainly) canaries in Cuban cages. Besides in room cages, two-thirds-pictures - as negatives - show urban views of Havana.
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