About the photographer, William EGGLESTON (b.1939 in Tennessee)

"I am at war with the obvious.” (© William EGGLESTON)

William EGGLESTON was born into a rich family in America's South. He was impressed by photographs of Henri CARTIER-BRESSONRobert FRANK und Walker EVANS. From 1965 he experimented with color film. The exhibition 'Photographs by William Eggleston' made him famous and is a milestone in history of photography – the same with the catalog of this exhibition, still available as reprint - 'William Eggleston's Guide'. In the 1970s he made several handmade artist books like 'Flowers', 'Election Eve', 'Morals of Vision' and 'Polaroid SX-70'.

Photo books by photographer William EGGLESTON (a selection)

'William Eggleston's Guide' (1976, 2002)'Horses & Dogs' (1994); '2 1/4' (1999); 'Los Alamos' (2003); 'Paris' (2009); 'Chromes' (2011, 2022); 'Los Alamos Revisited' (2012); 'From Black & White to Color' (2014); 'Portraits' (2016); 'The Democratic Forest. Selected Works' (2016); 'Election Eve' (2017); 'Flowers' (2019); 'Polaroid SX-70' (2020); 'The Outlands' (2020); 'The Outlands. Selected Works' (2022); 'Mystery of the Ordinairy' (2023)

This unique collection, named as the 'William Eggleston PhotoBookLibrary', consists of 20 titles by renowned American photographer William EGGLESTON. Some titles have been out of print for a long time and can here only be purchased in their entirety.
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Over 1,000 color photographs from the 1980s. The photographic preface about Louisiana is followed by 'familiar' places like Memphis & Tennessee and then Dallas, Pittsburgh, Miami, Boston, Kentucky and the Berlin Wall. Volume ten leads back to Tennessee.
650,00 € *
The photo book set 'Chromes' by William EGGLESTON is the result of the processing of more than 5,000 photographs from which John Szarkowski once compiled & published the acclaimed photo book 'William Egglestons Guide', while others remained unpublished.
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The third artist book by EGGLESTON, first published in 1978, as a facsimile. The focus is on flowers in all their everyday splendor - be it as a kitsch spray made of gladiolus & carnations in a glass vase or as an abandoned bouquet on a white marble tomb.
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'Morals of Vision' continues the series of new releases of William EGGLESTON's artist books after 'Flowers' na 'Election Eve'. 1978's design was largely retained, the images were fixed by hand. In this way the character of the artist's book was preserved.
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The photo volume 'Mystery of the Ordinairy' shows how the work of William EGGLESTON contributed significantly to the paradigm shift from B&W to color photography. He recognized its power early on, as well as its unique quality for depicting the everyday.
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This monograph, dedicated to the portraits of William EGGLESTON shows ninety faces. In the last fifty years he photographed friends, his family and numerous artists such as Elvis Presley or Joe Strummer, actor Dennis Hopper as well as David Lynch.
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Over 30 color photographs - presumably overlapsing with other volumes about EGGLESTON - contains an interview as well as a summary & classification. Overall, a beautiful, to the wrongly forgotten softcover volume as a supplement to your photo book library
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SIGNED! 'Reden wir über Fotografie" (Let's talk about photography) is a collection of essays and interviews by photo historian Hans-Michael Koetzle. He accompanies us on amazing paths through the history & present of photography, an alway in flux medium.
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With photo works by Gregory CREWDSON, Bruce DAVIDSON, William EGGLESTON, Elliot ERWITT, Paul FUSCO, Nan GOLDIN, Philip JONES GRIFFITHS, Jan GROOVER, Sally MANN, Robert MAPPLETHORPE, Martin PARR, Cindy SHERMAN a.o.
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