The NON PHOTOBOOK section includes alternative, photo book related areas for using of photographs by reputable photographers, e.g. for calendars, records or CDs. These were created parallel to the production of photo books, perhaps also interesting for U?

The 'Fingerprint'-Box by Jim GOLDBERG includes many never-before-seen Polaroids from the 'Raised-by-Wolves' project. The 45 loose, boxed facsimile Polaroids create a new, intimate and fragmented representation of this classic photograph.
120,00 € Weight 0.4 kg
In 'Joseph Beuys: Kunst Kapital Revolution' Philip Ursprung undertakes a historical journey to central BEUYS locations and offers a comprehensive overview of his works in the social, as well as economic-political context of the Federal Republic of Germany
29,95 € * Weight 0.9 kg
A humorous documentary film that shows how a photo book is created and watches 'real characters' at work: filmmaker Xarlos SAURA & publisher Gerhard Steidl.
15,00 € *
The theoretical volume 'Der Buchdruck in der frühen Neuzeit. Eine historische Fallstudie über die Durchsetzung neuer Infiormationas- und Kommunikationstechologien' in German by Michael Giesecke is a classic that has lost none of its relevance since 1991.
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DVD-Dokumentarfilm/ documentary, PAL / Regionalcode:2, 32 min., language: English
19,80 € Weight 0.1 kg
'Ein verheißenes Land', originally: A Promised Land, by Barack Obama is a compelling and deeply personal account of how history is made - by the 44th President of the United States of America who inspired us to believe in the power of democracy.
42,00 € *
Book with DVD. In this film, 'À propos d'Anders Petersen', JH ENGSTROEM questions turbulences and human doubts of a photographer. For this he examines the methods of his mentor Anders PETERSEN, actions as well as his behavior during the creative process.
from 35,00 € Weight 0.2 kg
The calendar contains twelve works of the 'Guerilla' street artist BANKSY. The cover motif, 'Girl With Balloon' / 'Love is in the Bin', is simultaneously included as a poster, it became known worldwide at an auction in 2018, when it began to self-destruct
from 18,00 € Weight 0.3 kg
As part of the Louis Vuitton 'Travel Book' collection, 'Paris' by Brecht EVENS offers a fresh look at the popular Seine metropolis. In over 100 illustrations are multiple layers of watercolor, gouache and drawing ink, and colored pencil drawings combined.
from 35,00 €
'Die Rache der Erinnerung' is a vinyl record by six renowned German painters (Markus Oehlen, Albert Oehlen, Jörg Immendorf, Werner Büttner, Martin Kippenberger, A.R. Penck), recorded in 1984. It includes a b/w poster of the performance, taken in a sauna.
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The prints reproduced in out-of-print book 'Masterful Images. The Art of Kiyoshi Saito' reproduced prints cover the entire oeuvre of Japanese artist. In addition to the strikingly well-printed images, the volume also includes an essay by editor Barry Till
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