About British photographer Chris DORLEY-BROWN

Chris DORLEY-BROWN set up his own photographic practice in 1984 concentrating on documenting East London. In a series of residencies and commissions focussing on social housing, workplaces, hospitals and architecture, he has established a substantial archive of images that are re-purposed and re-contextualised for distribution via web, film, exhibition and publication. Project partners have included the BBC, Museum of London, Homerton Hospital, the Wellcome Collection and various London Borough archives. He often works with re-energising existing archival material as part of creating new works.

Photo books by as well as with contribution by Chris DORLEY-BROWN

  • 'Photographers' London: 1839-1994' (1995); 'London Street Photography 1860-2010' (2011, together with works by such as Paul MARTIN, John THOMSON, Humphrey SPENDER, Bert HARDY, László MOHOLY-NAGY, Roger MAYNE and Tony RAY-JONES as well as the work of many anonymous photographers); 'The Longest Way Round' (2015); 'Drivers in the 1980s' (2015); 'The East End in Colour 1960-1980' (2017); 'The East End in Colour 1980-1990' (2018); 'The Corners' (2018); 'The East End in Colour: The Photography of David Granick' (2018);

SIGNED COPY! In his volume 'The Longest Way Round' Chris DORLEY-BROWN mixes historical archive material not intended for the family album and new images. He creates an alternative narrative about the course of events that shaped the late 20th century.
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