About the American Photographer Mike DISFARMER (1884-1959)

Mike DISFARMER was born as Michael Meyer in Indiana and worked as a photographer in Heber Springs, Arkansas from 1914. He not only sold studio portraits, but also processed film, sold postcards, and rented them out. He was considered a mythical figure during his lifetime because in 1939 he changed his last name to DISFARMER and claimed descent from a tornado. His portraits - commonly regarded as honest depictions of a rural population by an eccentric outsider - were compared to works by masters such as August SANDER and Irving PENN.

Photo books on the work of Mike DISFARMER (a selection)

'Original Disfarmer Photographs' (2006, by Stephen Kasher); 'Becoming Disfarmer' (2014)

This out-of-print photographic volume, 'Original Disfarmer Photographs', presented at ist publishing for the first time the vintage prints of the US-american photographer Mike DISFARMER, one of the greatest portrait photographers of the young 20th century
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The out-of-print book 'Becoming Disfarmer' covers the history of the portrait work by Mike DISFARMER and its transformation into art. The monograph includes a selection of enlargements of his negatives from the 1970s, through which his work became known.
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