About the Belgian Magnum photographer, Bieke DEPOORTER (b.1986)

Bieke DEPOORTER received a master’s degree in photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent in 2009. The relationships she establishes with the subjects of her photographs lie at the foundation of her artistic practice. Accidental encounters are the starting point, and how these interactions naturally develop dictates the suite. Several recent projects have been the result of she always questioning the medium itself. She has won several awards and honors, including the Magnum Expression Award, The Larry Sultan award and the Prix Levallois. Since 2016 she's a full member of Magnum Photos. Bieke DEPOORTER has published four books until today. 

Photo books by Bieke DEPOORTER

'Ou Menya' (2012, book debut); 'Weltbilder 5' (2013); 'I am About to Call it a Day, As it May Be,' (2014); 'Sète #15' (2015); 'As it may be / Mumkin' (2017); 'Agata' (2021)

During the work on the book 'As it may be', Bieke DEPOORTER gradually became aware of her status as an outsider - culturally and as a photographer. So she traveled back to Egypt with a book dummy and invited people to write comments directly on the photos
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