About the photographer, Nicoló DEGIORGIS (b.1985, in Bozen)

Nicolò DEGIORGIS studied oriental languages in Venice and Beijing. In 2014, he and Eleonora Matteazzi founded the Rorhof publishing house in order to express his documentary photography in books. The books that are created in the Rorhof are real art objects and collector's items. He is currently teaching artistic photography at the University and in the prisons of Bolzano.

Photo books by Nicoló DEGIORGIS

'The Pigeon Photographer' (2018); 'Prison Photography' (2018); 'Pweak' (2017); 'Blue as Gold' (2017); 'Lo Sceriffo e la Moschea Itinerante' (2017); 'Hidden Islam' (2015); 'La Laguna di Venezia' (2015), 'Hotel Oasis' (2014)

'Hidden Islam' by Nicoló DEGIORGIS shows Muslim places of prayer in Northern Italy. First architectural documentation until the interiors are 'discovered'. Important in connection with '9/11' and the consequences for the Christian-Muslim relationship.
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Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued) in plastic bag, 16 x 24 x 0,5 cm., 46 pp, color ills., Ltd. to 350 copies
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Swiss binded pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 16 x 24 x 4,5 cm., 181 pp., highly b/w illustrated, no text!
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