About the Swiss photographer, Hans DANUSER (b. 1953, in Chur)

Hans DANUSER's best known cycle of works 'In Vivo', in which he deals with taboo zones of society, such as genetic research or nuclear physics, made him internationally known. Since the 1990s, his focus has increasingly been on transdisciplinary (research) projects in art and science, in addition to photography. With his photographs of Peter Zumthor's architecture 'he radically changed the convention of architectural photography. Instead of neutral documentation, he was interested in personal interpretation.' (free translated, © Philip Ursprung, in: 'Zumthor sehen')

Photo books by and with contribution by Hans DANUSER

'Peter Zumthor. Architecture and Urbansim, Extra Edition' (1998); 'Zumthor sehen. Bilder von Hans Danuser – Nachdenken über Architektur und Fotografie (2009); 'Peter Zumthor. Bauten und Projekte 1985-2013' (2014); 'Dunkelkammer der Fotografie' (2017); 'Darkrooms of Photography' (2020)