About spanish Photographer, Salvi DANÉS

Salvi DANÉS (studied at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (Catalonia School of Photographic Studies) focussing on documentary photography.  His work has earned recognition at national and international competitions, for example winning the WSPA 2008 prize, the College Photographer of the Year, 2011and the FNAC 'New Talent in Photography'.  Salvi DANÉS' work has been seen in publications such as FOAM, Camera Austria and the British Journal of Photography.

Photo books by Salvi DANÉS

'A les 8 al Bar Eusebi' (2019); 'Blackcelona'; 'Transmontanus'

The photo book 'A les 8 al Bar Eusebi' pays tribute to the Eixample district in Barcelona and its people. Salvi DANÉS describes the atmosphere of a glorious time, surrounded by rust and mistrust, through gestures, glances and skilfully chosen details.
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The out-of-print photographic volume 'Blackcelona' by Salvi DANÉS records a journey into the gray tones of urban polychromy, leading us through that chiaroscuro that engulfs the morphology of the city. It is an invitation to an aesthetic experience.
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'Transmontanus' is a black and white photo book by Salvi DANÉS, which deals with a poetic story of the return to the landscape he got to know as a child. The title alludes to the wind coming from the Pyrenees that characterizes this region, teh Empordà.
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