About the photographer, Paul CUPIDO (b. 1972, the Netherlands)

Dutch photographer Paul CUPIDO graduated 2017 cum laude from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam with the first installment of his ongoing multimedia project Searching for Mu. He was awarded an artist’s residency at the Belfast Photo Festival 2017 and the Hariban Jurors’ Choice Award in Japan. Paul CUPIDO's main inspiration is life and its impermanence, the process of genesis, metamorphosis and inevitable disappearance, as well as the symbolic correspondences between earth and body. The act of photographing for him is not just performed to document something that exists. Instead of focusing on a final result, the photographer is more concentrated on the process that almost like a meditation affects his body and mind and connects him to an existential sense of life.

Photo books by Paul CUPIDO

'Mukayu' (2020), 'Éphémère' (2020); 'Amazonia' (2019); 'Continuum' (2019); 'Searching for Mu' (2017)

'Ephemere' by Paul CUPIDO emphasizes the volatility of existence in the process of creation, metamorphosis and disappearance. It's about the fragility of life, the interconnectedness of human / non-human and the silence on which every expression is based.
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In 'Amazônia' Paul CUPIDO explores the ephemeral correspondences between body & earth. There is probably no place on earth more imbued with spirituality than the Amazon rainforest. With his camera, he enters into a dialogue with this mystical environment.
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'Mukayu' by Paul CUPIDO is part#3 of his project, which includes humble, ephemeral, poetic works that are printed with the utmost care and precision. The publication, made up of various papers, has a gentle flow in which separate images merge into a whole
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The catalogue 'Photobooks. Art Page by Page' accompanies an exhibition with a selection of 45 photo books from recent decades, focusing on unusual concepts, designs & forms of presentation that reveal the potential of the photo book as an artistic medium.
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