About New Zealand photographer, Freya COPELAND (b. 1990)

Replika co-founder, Freya COPELAND, is an artist and curator primarily Interested in archival systems, documents and evidential photography. Her work explores the boundaries between institutional systems and personal narratives, constantly drawing from any transitory written or printed matter not intended to be retained or preserved. Through media such as police evidence and pictorial encyclopedia, she demonstrates her predisposition to singling out the inherent limitations of the photographic medium and uses these restrictions as a vehicle for exploring personal narratives.

Photo books by Freya COPELAND

  • 'Footfalls Echo' (2015, 2019); 'Weathering' (2020, together with Youvalle LEVY); 'Kalt' (together with Youvalle LEVY);

In 'Footfalls Echo', New Zealand photographer Freya COPELAND explores the loneliness & disconnection experienced in modern cities. The photos were taken in and around New York as well as in Berlin. Anextra volume contains an essay by Anna Hanlon in German
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