About the Danish photographer, Krass CLEMENT (b. 1946, in Copenhagen)

Krass CLEMENT is considered one of Denmark's most important contemporary photographers. he first studied directing at the Danish Film School and made short films. Eventually he decided to return to his earlier photographic practice. His photographs of urban spaces, streets, squares and city dwellers in the midst of metropolitan dreariness they possess social documentary echoes. Krass CLEMENT produces photographic essays consisting of individual sequences reminiscent of cinematic montage. While he photographed exclusively in black and white for many years with a 35mm camera, he switched to color photography and medium format after 2000. His photographic documentation of the Roskilde rock festival in 2003 received great attention, and in 1997 Krass Clement was awarded a lifetime grant from the Danish State Art Foundation' Statens Kunstfond.

Photo books by Krass CLEMENT (a selection)

'Skygger Af Øjeblikke' ( = Momentary Shadow, 1978); 'Det Tavse Land' ( = Silent Land, 1981); 'Gentagelsens Fest' (1984); 'Byen Bag Regnen' ( = City Behind the Rain, 1987); 'Ved Døden' (1990); 'Hvor Ingen Talte' (1991); 'Af En By's Breve' (1993); 'Det Lånte Lys' (1995); 'Drum' (1996); 'Langs Vinden' (1998); 'Færgen' (1999); 'Før Natten' (2000); 'Påskesøndag mellern 11 og 16' (Easter Sunday between 11 am and 4 pm, 2000); 'Forandringen' (2002); 'Berlin Notat' (2003); 'Lydhørt' (2006); 'København - Et Blik Over Ryggen' (2006); 'Novemberrejse' (2008); 'Indstillinger. Krassclement.DK' (2009); 'Paris. Carnet de recherche' (2010); 'Venten på i går / Waiting for Yesterday' (2012); 'Bag Saga Blok' (2014); 'Books on Books #16 'Krass Clement. Drum'; 'Impasse Hotel Syria' (2016); 'Dublin' (2017); 'Across the Cut' (2019); 'Belfast' (2022).

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Long out-of-print photo volume 'Bag Saga Blok' by Danish Krass CLEMENT, is a neighborhood portrait spanning over five decades around an old movie theater in Copenhagen's Vesterbro neighborhood - presented with an impressive range of photographic styles.
from 298,00 € Weight 1.9 kg
This book, 'Paris Carnet de Recherche' by Danish photographer Krass CLEMENT, presents his very personal view of Paris in the 1960s and 70s - in great b&w shots evoking a melancholic mood of a very well produced photo book, unfortunately out of print!
from 298,00 € Weight 1.7 kg
The catalog title 'Indstillinger', means both on the camera setting and the personal attitude of Danish photographer Krass CLEMENT. We see works from several known books: Roskilde, Faergen, Novemberrejse and there are also many unknown photos to discover.
248,00 € Weight 0.9 kg
This photo volume, 'Dublin', is the second by Danish photographer Krass CLEMENT after 'Drum' - a classic in the history of photo books - with black-and-white shots from Ireland. The photographs were taken in March 1991, during a stay in Monaghan.
178,00 € Weight 1 kg
The out-of-print photo book 'Venten på i går. Waiting for yesterday' by Danish photographer Krass CLEMENT brings together (some full-page) color as well as black-and-white photographs from East Berlin before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. No text.
148,00 € Weight 1.2 kg
Out-of-print photo volume 'Novemberrejse' by Krass CLEMENT consists of almost 80 b/w photographs showing life in a small Danish town. Every now and then the Danish photographer chooses unexpected angles and portrays some people from the shortest distance.
398,00 € Weight 0.8 kg
In 'Belfast' Krass CLEMENT revisits his work over 30 years on, gathering 114 unpublished b/w images and carefully placing then in sequence, offered without caption or comment. His work invites the viewer to spot the lone figure walking through the scene.
from 68,00 € Weight 1.1 kg
The #16 of the 'Books on Books' series deals with undisputedly one of the most famous and best Danish photo book titles, 'Drum' by Krass CLEMENT. In addition to the original faithful reproduction of the whole volume, it is completed by a readable essay.
59,50 € * Weight 0.5 kg
In his out-of-print photo volume, 'Impasse Hotel Syria', Krass CLEMENT does without any text, because the pictures leave no question unanswered. The very personal travel and photo book describes the recent past of the country in pictures taken since 2001
from 178,00 € Weight 1.4 kg
Solo exhibitions (a selection)
  • 2003 Copenhagen, Fotografisk Center
    2004 Toronto, Canada, Harbourfront Centre, The Photo Passage
    2005 Copenhagen, Fotografisk Center
    2007 'Photography Krass Clement' (Galeria argus, Berlin) & 'Close to Life' (Cologne, Forum für Fotografie)
    2010 'A pas mesure' (Paris, Maison of Denmark)
    2014 'Novembereijse' & 'Images of the Night' (Berlin, Galerie argus)
    2016 'Krass Clement & the Photobook' (Copenhagen, Rathnov Gallery)
    2017 'Waiting for Yesterday' (Paris, in camera)
    2018 'The Light Gleams an Instant' (Dublin, Gallery of Photography)
    2019 'The Unseen Room' (Saint Petersburg, ROSPHOTO)