About Hong Kong photographer John CHOY (b.1966)

John CHOY was a staff photographer from 1989 to 2001. Since 2002, he works as a freelance photographer with jobs including as official photographer for the World Trade Organisation, Ministerial Conference, Hong Kong International Airport as well as for Open University HK. This was also the year he started an infra-red photography project. In 2008, he was consigned by the HK Housing Authority for a photographic project in the Lower Ngau Tau Estate (牛頭角下村), which it would be demolished and those residents and shops within had to move out by the end of 2009.

Photo books by John CHOY

  • 'Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate' (2010)

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By focusing on the residents of the building complex in the out-of-print photo volume 'Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate', the color images by John CHOY convey an unusually comprehensive impression of individual people and their relationships with one another.
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  • 2008-09: 'Imaging Hong Kong. Contemporary Photography'; 'Light and Shade: life passé in old estates'; 'Lianzhou International Photo Festival'
    2010: 'Just another exercise'; 'From the vanishing point'; 'Dali International photography exhibition'; 'City Flâneur'
    2011: 'LNTK on iDome', RunRun Shaw Creative Media Centre
    2012: 'Vanishing Cityscapes. The Last Hong Kong Resettlement Estate'
    2013: 'Style', JCCAC; 'Painting with Light. A Central without People', Fringe Club; 'Dances with the Green', City University of HK; 'This Slow. That fast', Animamix Biennale
    2015: 'The paradox of history. New Territories Frontier Closed Area', Fringe Club
    2016: 'Look up Mumbai'; 'Hong Kong International Photo Festival'