About the photographer, Julien CHATELIN

Julien CHATELIN began his career as a photographer in 1992 after graduating from New York University's Table School of the Arts.
While working for international magazines, he developed long-term documentary and art projects such as 'Israel Borderline' (2004-2006), a visual fresco of Israeli society exhibited in Cannes and published as a photo book (2009). In his quest to explore new visual dialectics and narratives, he produced 'Egyptorama: A Journey through the semi-desert of Egypt' in large format. In his work, he explores areas in transition, whose topographies are charged with opposing energies. His work has been shown to date at the European House of Photography in Paris, the Centre de la Photographie in Geneva, Sommerset House in London, and numerous galleries and festivals.

Photo books by Julien CHATELIN

'Israel Borderline' (2009)


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Awards and Grants

2004: POY award of excellence
2009: POY best photo book of the year - Finalist
2013: Robert Gardner Fellowship in Photography - Finalist; Camera Clara Award. 1st prize for 'Egyptorama'
2014: CNAP Grant recipient for comptemporary documentary photography
2016: All About Photo, photographer of the year; Verzasca photo award finalist for 'China West'
2017: Sony World Awards Pro Competition, 2nd Place for 'China West'; Lodz Grand Prix - Finalist for 'China West' & for 'Siberian Limbo'; Daylight Award - Juror’s choice for 'China West'; Felix Schoeller Photo Award - Finalist for 'China West'; Meitar Award - Finalist for 'Promised Lands'; 
2018: CNAP 2018 Grant recipient for 'Istanbul disoriented' project