About the Italian photographer, Michele CERA (b.1973, Bari)

Michele CERA's works 'Journey into a fragile landscape' and 'Dust 'were selected at the Kassel Fotobook Festival Dummy Award. 'With 'Dust' he won the Open your Book prize at the SiFest Photo Festival in 2001. He was co-founder of Documentary Platform, a visual archive about contemporary Italy.

Photo books  by Michele CERA

'Tolyatti. Exploring Post-Soviet Spaces' (2020); 'Nel Circolo' (2014); 'Dust' (2013)

'Tolyatti' is a visual and scientific exploration of society and common spaces in post-Soviet cities. This is about Tolyatti, the largest planned industrial city in the Soviet Union and the most typical example of a mono-industrial city in today's Russia.
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