About the Spanish / Basque photographer, Jon CAZENAVE (b. 1978, in San Sebastian)

Jon CAZENAVE receives his B.A. in Economic Sciences from the University of Deusto in 2001 and, after working for 5 years in the finance world, he decides to move to Barcelona to study photography (2006). He began deepening in documentary photography as a mean to capture and register the contemporary world and decided to complete his studies with Pep BONET, Christopher ANDERSON and Paolo PELLEGRIN, after having been selected to participate in the first MAGNUM Workshop taking place in Oslo.

Photo books by Jon CAZENAVE

'Ama Lur' (2015); 'Galerna' (2020)

'Galerna' is part of a long-term project in which Basque photographer Jon CAZENAVE questions his identity & territorial belonging. He makes a personal cut and frees himself from his insatiable thirst for black after a decade of uncompromising photography.
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'Ama Lur' by Jon CAZENAVE challenges the notion of the frontier. By revealing an area charged with history and magic, he wants to (re)connect us with the ancient spirit of humanity as well as remind us of our balance with nature that leads us to this day.
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