About the Italian photographer, Piergiorgio CASOTTI (b.1972)

Piergiorgio CASOTTI graduated with a degree in Economics. Since he first discovered photography, he has seen it as a mean that allows him to explore both the world and himself at the same time. He tries to create complex projects in order to express the complexity of the world and life: images and texts, videos and music; he likes to tell stories, states of mind and experiences that have little to do with aesthetic standards - to tell stories of lives that scratch the surface of things digging for what the eye cannot meet – and sometimes revealing it. He has already published three photo volumes.

Photo books by Piergiorgio CASOTTI

'Index G' (with Emanuele BRUTTI, 2018); 'Where Does The White Go' (2016); 'Sometimes I Cannot Smile' (2013)

'But Still, It Turns', a photo and text book edited by prominent British photo artist Paul GRAHAM, brings together collected dynamic and diverse works that tell open stories. These are brought together in this volume - in harmony and revealing dissonance.
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In this self-published photo book 'Where Does The White Go', Italian photographer Piergiorgio CASOTTI pays tribute to the silence of the mountains with a series of images of ski villages and their surroundings, abandoned during the warm season.
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For his self-published and now out-of-print-photo-volume, 'Sometimes I Cannot Smile', the Italian photographer Piergiorgio CASOTTI traveled to Tasiilaq, the capital of East Greenland, to document the life of the Inuit on site.
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The idea of a discontinuity between neighboring human space systems. Through the mixture of text, poetry and real photos, Italian photographers Piergiorgio CASOTTI & Emanuele BRUTTI try to arouse the feeling of anomaly and a strange feeling in the viewer.
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