About US-American photographer, Harry CALLAHAN (1912-1999)

Harry CALLAHAN was one of the most influential people in modern American photographic history. He studied engineering at Michigan State College from 1931 to 1933. In 1938, he began taking photographs as a self-taught photographer, and was particularly impressed and inspired by works by Alfred STIEGLITZ and Minor WHITE. In 1941 he became a member of the Detroit Photo Guild; from 1946 to 1961 he was under László MOHOLY-NAGY at the Institute of Design in Chicago, during which time he began to study Bauhaus and New Objectivity photography. In 1954 he participated in the exhibition 'Subjective Photography 2' by Otto STEINERT, and from 1961 to 1973 he was head and later teacher of the photography department of the Rhode Island School of Design. Harry CALLAHAN died in 1999.

Photo books by and on the work of Harry CALLAHAN (a selection)

  • 'Harry Callahan' (1967); 'Harry Callahan' (1976); 'Color. 1941-1980' (1980); 'Eleanor' (1984, 2007); 'Retrospective 1941-82' (1987); 'Photos' (1996); 'Harry Callahan' (1996); 'Aperture Masters of Photography' (1998, 2003); '38th Vienice Biennal' (1999); 'Harry Callahan' (2000); 'Elemental Landscapes' (2001); 'The Photographer at Work' (2005); 'New Color. Photographs from 1978-1987' (2005); 'Nature' (2007); 'Variations' (2010); 'Seven Collages' (2012); 'Catalog Retrospektive' (2013); 'He, she, it' (2013, with Edward WESTON); 'Color Rush. American Color photography from Stieglitz to Sherman' (2013, together with many works by prominent photographers); 'The Street' (2016); 'French Archives: Aix-en-Provence 1957–1958' (2017); 'Morocco' (announced by the publisher);

For nearly two decades, Harry CALLAHAN photographed his wife in countless ways: nude & clothed, on the beach, in the woods, in public parks & on city streets, and in the privacy of the family home. 'Eleanor' is the definitive publication of these photos.
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'Exteriors: Annie Ernaux and Photography' accompanies an exhibition project by Lou Stoppard, which combines texts by the Nobel Prize winner with images by Harry CALLAHAN, Claude DITYVON, Daidō MORIYAMA, Issei SUDA, Henry WESSEL, Bernard Pierre WOLFF a.o.
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The 23 images by Harry CALLAHAN in his book 'Morocco', taken in 1981, are the product of his shift to a strictly chromatic palette and demonstrate his continued interest in the visual intrigue of the everyday urban landscape & the passersby who occupy it.
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The out-of-print photo volume 'Nude in Polaroid' with its variety of photo artists and their visual languages by Barbara Hitchcock and Andy Grundberg gives a great overview of nude photography in the Polaroid age and the very different Polaroid material.
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'Seven Collages' by Harry CALLAHAN shows lesser-known collages that reveal his deep understanding of the process of photographic vision: playful explorations of a visual world. He used either portraits cut out of magazines or rectangles cut out of paper.
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'Color Rush. American Color Photography from Stieglitz to Sherman' explores developments. From magazine pages to gallery walls, from advertisements to photojournalism - paying particular attention to color photography's translation onto the printed page.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 29 x 26 cm., 160 pp., 100 b/w & color ills., text language: English
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This photographic catalog, which accompanied the Harry CALLAHAN retrospective exhibition, presents the full range of his diverse photographic work, the result of his tireless and prolific creative activity over the course of some sixty years.
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'Photographers A-Z' brings together photographers who have made a significant contribution to photographic culture, as well as the most important photographic volumes of the past century. The entries are illustrated with facsimiles from books & magazines.
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'He, She, It' presents photographs by Harry CALLAHAN and Edward WESTON through the relationship of body & nature, but also of photography & affection: Unlike erotic photography, which seeks to stimulate desire, here we find the case of desire made image.
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