About the photographers, Jean-Marc CAIMI und Valentina PICCINNI

Jean-Marc CAIMI & Valentina PICCINNI collaborate for projects focused both on documentary and more personal photography. Their works are regularly featured in the press worldwide and exhibited in galleries and festivals in Europe and Asia. For 'The Burning Plain' they received the Zine Tonic Award.

Photo books by Jean-Marc CAIMI und Valentina PICCINNI

'Forcella' (2015); 'Rhome' (2018); Güle Güle (2020)

The photo book 'Güle Güle' by CAIMI & PICCINNI portrays the constantly changing metropolis of Istanbul and its inhabitants. The color photos were created from the experience with the Turkish mentality as well as visually striking, unexpected situations.
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After the city of Naples, Valentina PICCINNI & Jean-Marc CAIMI are now exploring their hometown, Rome. They looked for their own vision and created an idiosyncratic, mysterious & abysmal b/w portrait that is reminiscent of films by Visconti and Fellini.
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For the photo book 'Forcella', the photographers CAIMI & PICCINNI examined the oldest and smallest city district of Naples, Forcella. The black and white photos show life in the area that has been forgotten by the state and ruled by poverty & the Camorra.
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'Fastidiosa' by CAIMI & PICCINNI is the result of 6 years of photojournalism by the duo on the plight of local farmers and environmental degradation in the Puglia region of southern Italy. A very personal and intense account of the Xylella plant epidemic.
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