To this day family-owned company was founded as a printer in 1931. in 1984, it became sales partner of Prestel in North America. In 2000, the first large-scale line of books was produced, covering fields of photography ravel, lifestyle and architecture.

Robert CAPA is considered to be the founder of photojournalism. His impressive photos of the Spanish Civil War made the passionate opponent of war world over night famous. In addition to most famous works, this portfolio also presents rediscovered images.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 25 x 32 cm., 160 pp., 106 color ills., 1.700 gr., trilingual text: German / English / French
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re-edit, HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 27 x 36 cm., 448 pp., 343 b/w ills., 4,300 gr., multi-lingual text: German / Spanish / English / French / Italian
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HC, 28 x 36,5 cm., 448 pp., 420 color ills., multi-lingual text: German / English / French / Italian / Spanish
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'Before They Pass Away' by Jimmy NELSON presents indigenous tribal cultures from around the world. Using a large format camera, he photographs everyday rituals of the peoples as well as sensitive portraits and shows how they live in harmony with nature.
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