A very small scale italian publishing house, established in 2012. Their main feature is the mix of photo and poetry, on the 'red thread' of going back to the origins. Their books are handcrafted finished, sometimes using waste materials and old paper.

The skin doesn't lie: it is a person's map. Like the paper in this artist's book: it changes, creases or becomes thin and transparent. Strictly limited, various papers-containing, elaborately designed band 'body maps' of Margaret LANSINK was made by hand.
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HC, 24 x 28 cm., 70 pp., 45 b/w ills., bilingual text: Italian / English Ltd. to 100 numbered & signed copies (30 copies reserved for Special ed. with print, 70 for the trade ed.)
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Pb. insert into a file. Handcrafted realization 30 x 30 cm., 44 pp., 34 ills., Ltd. to 200 numb. copies
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Strictly limited to 130 cps., 'Panopticon' by Riccardo DOGANA is a reflection of media content. Using selected topics from the last decade - emigration, climate change, wars, organized crime, terrorism - the truthfulness of the WorldWideWeb is questioned.
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