The publishing bookstore for art, art science, photography u.a. based in Cologne exists since 1969. In parallel, the publisher Gebrüder König was founded, with artist books u.a. by Gilbert & George, Fischli & Weiss and Gerhard Richter.

The title of the out-of-print autonomous artist book 'Sindbad' by Gerhard RICHTER comes from a series of 98 colored lacquer paintings behind glass (2008). Already in his first installation he created the book's concept by putting them together as diptychs
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Re-edit, Four slipcased HC, 32,5 x 45 cm., 828 pp., more than 5,000 color ills., on 809 tabloids, bilinguale text: German / English
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With its generous image flow, this book, 'A Diary', celebrates important Japanese photographer Daido MORIYAMA as the 2019 Hasselblad Award winner and his highly influential, lifelong radical and authentic approach to photography.
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Crossfading of human bodies in the karst coastal landscape of the Crimean peninsula. The protagonists were taken from contemporary history & the present. MIKHAILOV reproduces here the history of photographic image production in resolution and form finding
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'I love you stupid' illustrates the fast life of young deceased artist Dash SNOW and his importance for the New York scene. The abundance of material as well as the 'appearances' of many people of the scene make this volume a document of US youth culture.
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In 'Diary' Boris MIKHAILOV tells about his life: Historical, but above all private memories in notes, colorings, crossings out, scratches, stains & photo fixing adhesive strips. A poignant chronicle, often ruthless and cynical, carried by the love of life
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Here, the work by Francesca WOODMAN is read for the first time in the context of the photographic 'Tableaux Vivant'. She used her body as a medium & as an actor and devoted herself to two with femininity associated genres: female nude and 'living image'.
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'Ludwig Wittgenstein. Photography as Analytical Practice' contains his album, photographs of automata, and other self-portraits. In addition, the book places his photographs in a dialogue with the photographic practice and theory of contemporary artists.
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Out-of-print catalog volume, 'Rineke DIJKSTRA. Wo Men' was published to coincide with the exhibition and award ceremony of the Hasselblad Award 2017. It was designed by the Dutch (photo) book designer Irma BOOM, who has won several awards for her work.
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Out-of-print double photo volume on the work of German photographer Axel HÜTTE accompanied his exhibitions 'Night and Day', with works created between 1995 and 2017, and 'Frühwerk', which focused on his early work with photos taken between 1978 and 1995.
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