Cologne based Greven Verlag publishes proofread, individually designed and high quality printed photo books with love and care. The program covers a variety of regional topics related to Cologne and the Rhineland - from history to photography & graphics.

Broschierte Ausgabe ohne Schutzumschlag (wie erschienen), 12,5 x 20,5 x 1 cm., 112 S., 60 S/W-Abb., deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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'Chargesheimer im Zoo', contains b/w shots of animals & people at the Cologne Zoo. The volume by the Cologne photographer contains unknown photographs, shown for the first time, from a time when a visit to the zoo was still one of the year's highlights.
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The reconstruction of a forgotten episode of German-French history: Cologne is setting up its own pavilion with a café terrace at the seine for the 1937 Paris World's Fair. Here the brutal appearance of German fascism, there its wine-like, cozy version.
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by Matz / Vollmer. Huge presentation box, within ONE book (HC, 24 x 29 cm., 392 pp., 440 color ills., German) + ONE OF THREE Digital-PhotoPrints from analog negativ (29 x 42 cm.) - Ltd. to 250 copies! Greven Verlag, 2014.
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HC mit SU (Prägung eines Motivs nach einer Tuschezeichnung von August Macke), mit Fotografien von CHARGESHEIMER, Heinz HELD, Hans JESSE, Werner KOEP, K. KUHNT/D.BALKHAUSEN, Rolf PRETZ und Hans REUTER
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Gebunden, mit Schutzumschlag, 24,5 x 28 x 4 cm., 352 S., mehr als 460 Abb., deutsch-sprachig - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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by Matz / Vollmer. Hardcover, 24 x 29 x 4 cm., 288 pp., 310 Abb., deutsch-sprachig - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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In 1944/45 Lee MILLER accompanied the fighting troops of the US Army and photographed German cities, places & people that had just been liberated. The pictures in this photo book, 'Köln im März 1945', are both - historically and artistically -spectacular.
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This photo volume, 'Bunt: Farbige 1970er Jahre' (Colored. Colorful 1970s) by early BECHER student Volker DÖHNE, shows photographs of colorful cars in groups as well as stand-alone gazebos. The book is rounded off by a German-language introductory text.
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Huge Presentation Box, within one book (24 x 29 cm., 384 pp., 425 color ills.) + ONE OF THREE numb. High-End-Digital-PhotoPrints, authorized by the Rheinischen Bildarchiv (29 x 42 cm.), Ltd. to 100 copies
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