Since 2004 Gomma has an out-of-the-box approach in contrast to conventional publishing. Despite this intentional outsider status, G. has worked with some of the most renowned artists such as BALLEN, D'AGATA, PETERSEN, ACKERMAN, PARKE, KITAJIMA & MORIYAMA.

In his photo volume 'Modoru Okinawa' by Keizo KITAJIMA, the Japanese photographer portrays the seductively run-down Okinawa of the 1970s. He mainly wanted to express the relationship between photography and reality.
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With b/w works by Antoine D'AGATA, Trent PARKE, Anders PETERSEN, Roger BALLEN, Jacob Aue SOBOL, Keizo KITAJIMA, Kim THUE, Marco VERNASCHI, Margaret M. DE LANGE, Michael ACKERMAN, Olivier PIN FAT, Giancarlo CERAUDO and Daisuke YOKOTA
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