Founded in 2010 to continue the tradition of using photography to draw attention to human rights violations, injustice & oppression. Since 2018 FotoEvid. supports engaged women photographers who want to tell their stories in a photo book with The W Award.

'Omo Change' by Fausto PODAVINI deals on Omo River & The Gibe III dam which disrupts the balance of one of the most incredible areas in Africa in the name of development, by diverting a local resource for profit of local elites & international investors.
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'La Puente' about women in a brothel in Ecuador by Charlotte SCHMITZ won the FotoEvidence competition to publish the series as a book. The polaroids were created in cooperation with the women, who chose their poses and painted the photos with nail polish.
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'He Threw The Last Punch Too Hard' by Hannah KOZAK tells the story of her mother, who left Hannah's family for another man. He turned out to be violent. This photo book could inspire other women to leave an abusive relationship before it's too late.
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HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 30 x 21 x 2 cm., 132 pp., 89 b/w ills., English
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'The Eyes of the Earth' by Solmaz DARYANI shows a self-taught photographer's personal view of the disappearing Lake Urmia. Fading childhood memories prompted her to document what remains of the second largest salt lake on earth - an ecological catastrophe
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In 'No Place on earth', Patrick BROWN documents the escape Rohingya fled the destruction of their homes and brutal persecution in Myanmar for neighboring Bangladesh. It includes also an essay about the genocide and a description the powerful photography.
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The photographic volume 'A Light Inside' by Danielle VILLASANA is a counter to the sensationalist, stereotypical portrayals of trans women. It shows their life in Peru, where the photojournalist spent three years in a community of transwomen in Lima.
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