Established in 2012, Blow Up Press is a boutique publishing house focused on contemporary photography. Their publications (books and magazine) follow the motto: WHEN THE STORY MATTERS to create thoughts provoking art objects making people to return.

Photo volume 'Land' is a result of Lorenzo CASTORE's artist's stay in Gliwice, which witnessed events that erupted with the Second World War II. 'Land' is a summary of his wanderings, a photographic travel diary that focuses on the history of the people.
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The volume 'World Is Where You Stop' by Tomasz TOMASZEWSKI looks critically at our reality, where good & evil, euphoria & suffering, wealth & poverty, virtue & licentiousness, coexist side by side - situations that are difficult to pass by indifferently.
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In the photo volume 'Death Landscapes', the Polish photographer Hubert HUMKA focuses on landscapes that are shaped by their history - contaminated landscapes. They are idyllic and at the same time contain the stigma of the events that they quietly testify
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'Eternal U' by Hubert HUMKA - 3rd part of his book trilogy, together with 'Eden (2014) and 'Death Landscapes' (2018) - is about death and eternity. It's main axis are forest photographs (life), negatives (death) and embossed texts (traces we leave behind)
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'Erna Helena Ania' by Tomasz LACZNY, tells a breathtaking, thoughts provoking story of a mother's love for her daughter, inscribed in the history of the World War II's end and its aftermath, told by a grandson, in whose life its elements sound echo like.
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Out-of-print photo volume '9 Gates of No Return' by Agata GRZYBOWSKA presents nine people who, for different reasons and life choices, decided to give up their lives in the city and settle in the forests of the Bieszczady Mountains in southeastern Poland.
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The book 'Glitter Blues' by Lorenzo CASTORE deals with transvestites in Catania, Sicily. This black & white and color series shows urban motifs as well as interiors and portraits. Two essays in English close the book, which is designed by Aneta KOWALCZYK.
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The book 'Undertow' by Damien DAUFRESNE is about beginnings & endings, articulated in an open ellipse. The living wave that runs through all of time, an uncertain bridge between the immeasurable water and the sky, made of dust that turns into a landscape.
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'The Need to Know' by Michael S. HONEGGER is an investigation into his father's double life during the Cold War, the impact on his family, strange encounters, odd radio transmissions and inexplicable coincidences that became the normality of his childhood
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Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 20 x 26 x 1,5 cm., 92 pp., 59 ills., text language: English, Ltd. to 400 copies
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