Benteli looks back to more than hundred years of history. Swiss publisher has made many catalogues of international art exhibitions, artist´s monographs and work catalogues, publications in the area of photography as well as the history of art.

'Geschlossene Gesellschaften' by Tomas van HOUTRYVE, illustrates the difference between promising communist theory and lived practice. For this purpose, he traveled to countries where the communist party remained in power after the end of the Cold War.
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Broschierte Ausgabe (ohne Schutzumschlag, wie erschienen), 16,5 x 24 x 1 cm., 168 S., 80 Aufnahem, deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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Police officer Arnold ODERMATT documented accident scenes to which he was called. With his eye for the insignificant, he repeatedly captured outstandingly composed scenes - often unintentionally humorous and ironic. 'Meine Welt' contains 140 of his shots.
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'CCCP Underground' by Frank HERFORT shows metro systems of the Soviet era. From Moscow to Bucharest, Baku to Tbilisi, they come together to form a holistic, comprehensive representation of socialist art which relates to people's everyday lives to this day
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In this photo volume, 'Stars. Equine Portraits', Silvio MARAINI shows the great diversity of equine personalities. By removing them from their usual environment, he highlights the essence of each horse used for entertainment or riding or breeding.
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The book 'The Flow' by Dominik BAUR is about the fascination of a magic moment. It presents nature photographs and portraits of extraordinary people from all over the world, met on an intensive road trip to the best surf spots in Europe in France & Spain.
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Gebundene Ausgabe mit Schutzumchlag, 25 x 31 x 2 cm., 240 S., S/W-Aufnahmen, deutsch-sprachiger Text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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In 'Black Passport' Stanley GREENE attempts to come to terms with the impact his volatile work in the world's crisis zones has had on his life. By combining cruel photographs with authentic statements, an impressive portrait of the photographer is created
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Gebundene Ausgabe mit Schutzumschlag, 24 x 24 x 2,5 cm., 184 S., 112 S/W-Aufnahmen, Deutsch-sprachiger text - GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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In Halbleinen gebundenes Exemplar, 22 x 28 x 1,5 cm., 88 S., 80 Duoton-S/W-Aufnahmen, 600 gr., deutsch-sprachiger Text - TEXT IN GERMAN ONLY
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