In out-of-print photo volume 'A Criminal Investigation', Yukichi WATABE documents investigations into a gruesome murder. The images unfold in the style of 'film noir' and involve the viewer. Image by image, the mystery engulfs the one who has to solve it.
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This volume, 'Wall' by Czech photographer Josef KOUDELKA, contains panoramic pictures of the fence separating Israel from Palestine: panoramas dotted with concrete structures, trenches, checkpoints and roadblocks, where nature sometimes defies all of this
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The focus of the images by DEPARDON & BURNETT, making up 'Septembre au Chili, 1971/1973' is the reproduction of the iconic photo by Leopoldo Vargas that shows the last image of president Salvador Allende leaving his palace La Moneda with a gun in his hand
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British photographer Michael KENNA is a master of landscape photography and shows in his pictures a world that is almost transitory. In his volume of the 'Des Oiseaux' photo book series, his photographs of birds reflect nature without human presence.
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This volume, 'Josef Koudelka: The Making of Exiles', represents an exploration of the making and developement of that photographic journey in which he described the journeys and everyday lives of the peoples he encountered on his travels through Europe.
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In 'Des Oiseaux', Finish travel photographer Pentti SAMMALLAHTI captures the secrets of nature and among them the world of birds. Coasts, marshes, parks, endless plains, forest clearings, snowy landscapes where birds reveal their presence in a refined way
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Linen bound HC, 38 x 31 x 2,5 cm., 100 pp., 42 b/w ills., multi-lingual text: French / English / Italian
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French ed., pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 21 x 30 x 2 cm., 128 pp., 40 color ills., text language: French - TEXT ONLY IN FRENCH!
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Terri WEIFENBACH's photos, taken in her private garden, reveal the secret world of nature inhabited by birds that nest in urban gardens. The American photographer immerses us in the infinitely small, 'Des Oiseaux' takes us into a living & wonderful world.
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