Abrams Inc. NYC publishes since 1949 illustrated books on the subjects of art, photography, performing arts, fashion, interior design, and nature and science. 1977 followed by Abbeville Publishing by same founders, R. & H. Abrams.

With 'Across the Ravaged Land' the trilogy by Nick BRANDT about the disappearance of animals in East Africa is ending. In addition to powerful animal portraits, people appear for the first time; essays summarize his odyssey that spanned more than a decade
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'ABC', selected and designed by William KLEIN himself, offers a visual survey of his varied career. It includes his poetic street photography of New York, Moscow, Rome, Tokyo and Paris; his fashion photography; filmstills; and his painted contact sheets.
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In out-of-print photo book 'Hong Kong', Abe KOGAN explores a city famous for its dense urbanity. Towering obelisks and facades of the megacity contrast with its cultural roots, a city born from a compromise between Chinese tradition and British influence.
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Out-of-print photo book 'Florence' by Abe KOGAN capture the beauty of the city in vivid portraits of modernity, juxtaposed with ancient relics. Impressive photos show bustling Florentine streets as well as parks, streets & buildings in atmospheric moments
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This photo volume by Sebastião SALGADO documents traditional methods of sustainable coffee farming across the globe, revealing rituals deeply steeped in history & pride. 'Scent of a Dream' spans nearly a decade of research into the hidden world of coffee.
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'Havana' by Abe KOGAN captures the life of the Cuban capital, where the citizens gossip on balconies and languish in the doorways of those once magnificent buildings that have fallen into ruin, their facial expressions radiating both vitality and distress
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This out-of-print catalog volume 'FSA. The American Vision by Gilles Mora set the standard for photojournalism for years with this unusual collection of documentary photographs by Walker EVANS, Dorothea LANGE, Arthur ROTHSTEIN, Jack DELANO & Gordon PARKS
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In 1925, the first fully automatic photo studio was installed in New York, which appealed also to artists. 'Photobooth' records an (incomplete) inventory of artistic variations and combines works of art & self-portraits from the beginning to the present.
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