About  Canadian photographer, Edward BURTYNSKY (*1955)

Edward BURTYNSKY is a Canadian artist who became known with large-format photographs of industrial landscapes. The beauty of his photographs is that they do not raise one-sided moral prejudices. The ugly part is that they show that we are all responsible for the environmental destruction caused by the extraction of raw materials.

Photo books by and with works by Edward BURTYNSKY (a selection)

  • 'Manufactured Landscapes' (2003); 'China' (2005, Neuauflage angekündigt); 'Quarries' (2007); 'Vanishing Landscapes' (2008, together with works by Robert ADAMS, Hiroshi SUGIMOTO, Joel STERNFELD, as well as by Thomas STRUTH); 'Oil' (2009); 'Water' (2013); 'Essenz' (2016); 'Salt Pans' (2016); 'Natural Order' (2020); 'African Studies' (2023);

In 'Natural Order', Edward BURTYNSKY captures a moment in spring 2020 when nature briefly caught its breath due to the corona lockdown. With his camera in his home, Gray County, Ontario, he documents the complexity, magic & resilience of the natural order
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'African Studies' by Edward BURTYNSKY is about the overexploitation of the planet in Africa. The series 'China in Africa' with interiors of newly built gigantic production facilities show the disturbing reality of the far-reaching depletion of resources.
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In 2005, Edward BURTYNSKY gave in out-of-print book 'China' the industrial change in China a visual form for the first time. If the earth's resources were besieged by western colonialism, China was at the beginning of a comprehensive attack on the planet.
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The Canadian photographer Edward BURTYNSKY researched and photographed the oil industry and culture for the photo book 'Oil'. These images show how the world is made possible by this energy resource and the effects of industrial evolution.
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Out-of-print 'Water' by Edward BURTYNSKY documents water management infrastructures in the USA as well as in China. His images show the flourishing that civilization has achieved through water, but also how we depend on this increasingly scarce resource.
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'Salt Pans' by Edward BURTYNSKY explores industrial landscapes all over the world. The book consists of 31 aerial color photographs of the salt pans in the Little Rann of Kutch. These striking geometric images were created over 10 days from a helicopter.
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