About Franco-Swiss photographer Matthias BRRUGGMANN (b.1978, in Aix-en-provence)

Matthias BRUGGMANN has worked for over fifteen years in the various war zones of the planet. A graduate of the École de Photographie de Vevey, he was interested very early on in the complexity of photography in theatres of war. In the early 2000s, he accompanied Antonin KRATOCHVIL, who covered the US invasion of Iraq. This first experience offered him a unique chance to explore the complex relationship between report photography and the reality that is captured and described. Since then, his personal projects have taken him to Egypt, Haiti, Libya, and Somalia.

Photo books by and with works by Matthias BRUGGMANN

  • 'Prix Élysée 2016. Les Nominés: Editions 2016-2018' (2017)
    'An Act of Unspeakable Violence / Un acte d'une violence indicible' (2018)

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In 'An Act of Unspeakable Violence' Matthias BRUGGMANN critically examines the representation of the horrors of war. In his book he questions the codes of photojournalism and shifts the dividing lines between documentary photography & plastic photography.
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'Prix Elysée. Édition 2016-2018' celebrates the nominees with a set consisting of 8 individual monographs plus 1 text volume. The Prix Élysée Award is intended to encourage creativity and to realize new photographic works by promising photographic artists
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The images by Matthias BRUGGMANN are published in many international newspapers and magazines, including Le Monde, Time Magazine, and National Geographic. His work on Syria won the Prix Élysée 2017, awarded bi-annually by the Musée de l’Élysée in Lausanne. Matthias BRUGGMANN is represented by Polaris Gallery in Paris. He lives and works in Lausanne.