'Town of C' by Richard ROTHMAN is a meditation on what lies beneath the surface of U.S. culture, seen through the lens of a small southern Colorado town. it is in the tradition of socially critical photo books by Walker EVANS, Robert FRANK & Robert ADAMS.
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Photo volume 'Private Views. A Highrise Panorama of Manhattan' by Andi SCHMIED provides views from the tallest buildings in Manhattan, for example over Central Park, or from the bathroom in Calacatta Tucci marble with a view of the Empire State Building.
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German photographer In the photo book '4100 Duisburg' you can see how the photographer Laurenz BERGEual language of silence and light that captures the visible present of places over which history seems to have passed as well as the echoes of former life.
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'But Still, It Turns', a photo and text book edited by prominent British photo artist Paul GRAHAM, brings together collected dynamic and diverse works that tell open stories. These are brought together in this volume - in harmony and revealing dissonance.
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The volume 'Seventy-Two and One Half Miles Across Los Angeles' documents Mark RUWEDEL's across Los Angeles. His route was designed to cross as many geographic, economic, political and cultural borders as possible. Ed RUSCHA's books served as inspiration.
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The photo book 'The Local' by Nick MEYER documents an US-American location in Masschustettes between striving and decline, a deeply personal report that reveals the struggles, the tumult and everyday life in a place where parameters themselves have moved.
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The photo volume 'Für mich' (For Me) by German photographer Sina NIEMEYER is an autobiographical story about sexual abuse. The project was born out of the need to understand and come to terms with what happened to her as a pre-pubescent girl.
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In 1977, Stephen SHORE travelled across an area of industrial decline, later known as the Rust Belt. Commissioned as an photographic report, 'Steel Town' provides an immersive portrait of a time and place whose significance to our own is ever more urgent.
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This black-and-white photo volume, 'Headed West,' by American photographer Paul McDONOUGH contains pictures from the 1970s through the 1990s - street photography from his many travels documenting the American life that pulsed all around him.
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This self-published volume, 'Ich hatte zwar eigentlich Lamm bestellt, aber kein Problem' has the subtitle 'A walk through my soul'. As in his other, self-published book titles, Gerald v. FORIS has its own, highly inspiring imagery. Limited to 300 copies.
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