About the French-Hungarian photographer BRASSAI (1899-1984)

After studying in Hungary and Germany, BRASSAI (bourgeois Gyula Halász, born in Kronstadt / Brassó / Brașov, then Austria-Hungary, now Romania) came to Paris in 1924. André KERTÉSZ persuaded him to capture his fascination for Parisian (night) life in photographs. His work is groundbreaking, as he mastered the then difficult technique of photography at night. In addition to the technical, he expressed his love for Paris and its residents. In addition to MAN RAY, he was also the photographer of the surrealists and was also a pioneer in the field of graffiti photography, which he recognized as an original, authentic art form. For years he photographed travel reports for Harper's Bazaar about Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Morocco and from the USA about Louisiana and New York. BRASSAI's grave is in the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris.

Phoot books by and on the work of BRASSAI

'Paris de Nuit' (1933); 'The Secret Paris of the 30s' (1983); 'Paris after dark' (1987); 'Paris by Night' (2001); 'Proust und die Liebe zur Photographie' (German, 2001); 'Monografie' (2004, Gautrand); 'Flaneur durch das nächtliche Paris' (2013); 'Brassai. Graffiti, Le Langage Du Mur' (2016); 'Graffiti' (2016); 'Monograph' (2019, Galassi); 'Paris 1930: Fotografie der Avantgarde' (2020); 'Making Strange: The Modernist Photobook in France' (2020)

'Flaneur durch das nächtliche Paris' concentrates BRASSAI's 1930s night images. Located between reportage, social documentation & poetic vision, his nocturnal Paris from the interwar period is above all a milestone in the history of younger photography.
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Juliet Hacking expertly portrays 38 of the most important personalities in the history of photography. By working out backgrounds and contexts, the portraits add to an entertaining overview of the great innovations, trends and developments in photography.
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Photo book 'The Secret Paris of the 30's' by BRASSAI is one of the most impressive photographic memories ever published. He reveals a milieu that was previously only known through books such as Henry Miller's novels (often his companion on nightly forays)
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This photo volume, 'Graffiti. Le langage du mur 'by BRASSAI, is an original and thorough look at the famous series by the French photographer. The author and curator shows here how this cult series was received and understood in its time.
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'Paris after Dark' by BRASSAI, is the English re-edition of the classic photo book, 'Paris de Nuit'. The 62 black and white photos show Paris at night in 1932 and 1933. All photos are already scaled down before the main part and provided with captions.
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'Kiosk. A History of Photojournalism 1839-1973' by Robert LEBECK & Bodo von Dewitz (ICP Infinity Award 2002) leads you in nine chapters through the eras of international photojournalism and offers an overview of the topics of past decades and centuries.
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'Photographers A-Z' brings together photographers who have made a significant contribution to photographic culture, as well as the most important photographic volumes of the past century. The entries are illustrated with facsimiles from books & magazines.
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From the invention of the camera obscura to the birth of digital photography, this history of photography’s greatest advances by the author Florian Heine focuses on individual artists, works, and moments that decisively shaped the evolution of a genre.
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