About German photographer, Stefan BONESS (b. 1963, in Bad Schwartau)

Stefan BONESS is a German photojournalist. After studying political science at the University of Marburg and at the Free University of Berlin, he first worked as a photo editor for photo agencies. Following his photojournalism studies at the London College of Communication, he has been a freelance photojournalist since 1997. Politics, business and culture are as much a part of his repertoire as features on processes of social change. In addition to his day-to-day business, he works on long-term photographic projects, which are often realized in book form. Currently he is working on the projects 'Eritrea - Africa's Secret State', 'FridaysForFuture', 'MUTbürger' as well as 'The Re-Making of Manchester'. Stefan BONESS lives in Berlin and Manchester.

Photo books by Stefan BONESS

'Flanders Fields' (2008); 'Southern Street' (2010); 'Hoyerswerda. The Shrinking City' (2012); 'Tel Aviv. The White City' (2012); 'Asmara. Africa's Jewel of Modernity' (2016); 'Japan. Fleeting Encounters' (2016);

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In his photographic book 'Japan. Fleeting Encounters', German photographer Stefan BONESS explores the historical and cultural dimensions of Japan, creating a melancholic portrait of a country that is both modern and deeply rooted in ancient traditions.
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Awards (a selection)

  • 2001: Fuji Euro Press Photographer of the Year, Feature 'Deutschland';
    2002: World Press Photo, Kategorie 'Wissenschaft/Technologie;
    2014: Journalistenpreis 'Erneuerbare Energien';
    2015: 'Rückblende - politische Fotografie in Deutschland', 1. Preis; 2019: Global Peace Photo Award, 'Peace Photo of the year';
Exhibitions (a selection)
  • 2004: 'Eritrea. Facetten einer neuen Nation", Asmara/Eritrea;
    2008: "Flanders Fields", Galerie Degenhartt, Berlin;
    2011: "The Re-Making of Manchester", RNCM, Manchester; "Southern Street", Lakeside Art Museum Nottingham;
    2012: 'Hoyerswerda. Die schrumpfende Stadt", Berlin;
    2013: 'Tel Aviv. Die weiße Stadt", Tel Aviv, Bauhaus Center;
    2014: 'Flanders Fields, Aftermath: 100 Jahre Kreativität aus dem Konflikt", Manchester;
    2016: "Olympisches Dorf Berlin", Havelländisches Künstlersymposium;
    2019: "Hoyerswerda", Kunstraum Hoyerswerda;
    2020: "Flanders Fields", Volksbund Berlin;