About the photographer Günter BLUTKE (1934-2016)

Günter BLUTKE was a trained journalist, photographer (minor studies in photography) and a doctor of art history. In the GDR, he last worked as a journalist and photo reporter for the 'Neue Berliner Illustrierte' (NBI). Most recently he has worked mainly as a photographer and author in the field of nature/environment.

(Photo) books by Günter BLUTKE

  • 'Obskure Geschäfte mit Kunst und Antiqitäten. Ein Kriminalreport' (Obscure Dealings in Art and Antiques: A Crime Report, 1994); 'Erfurt: Fotografien 1953 - 1959' (2012); 'Leipzig. Fotografien 1956-1959' (2013); 'Dresden: Fotografien 1957-1967' (2013); 'Berlin City Ost: Aufbruch zur Metropole: Zwischen Strausberger Platz und Brandenburger Tor' (2016)

Out-of-print 'Leipzig. Photographs 1956-1959' by Günter BLUTKE shows the saxonian city in the mid-fifties, taking us back to that time and the people living this time of new beginnings, 10 years after the war and before Germany was divided in two states.
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