About Belgian photographer, Stig DE BLOCK

Stig DE BLOCK is a photographer and director known for his straight forward process and bold colors. His story driven approach is a constant interaction between the everyday real and his own layers of imagination. With a strong interest in subcultures, the resulting images reflect a contemporary realm of the authentic and explicit beauty. His work has been featured in magazines like: Brick, Clash, i-D , C.R. Men, Garagisme, M, Le Monde, ODDA, Office, a.o. Commercial clients include: Armani, A.F. Vandevorst, Christian Wijnants, Heron Preston, Louis Vuitton, Missoni, Nike, Wrangler and more. Stig DE BLOCK is residing between Antwerp and Los Angeles, California.

Photo books by Stig DE BLOCK

'Back to Back. From Backyard to Boulevard' (2022)

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In 'Back to Back: From Backyard to Boulevard' Stig De BLOCK documents in an honest, intimate way the lowrider scene in L.A, California. The boulevard as a place where disputes can be settled and people from different rival neighborhoods can be together.
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2018: 'Night Group Exhibition', BOZAR museum, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels
2019: 'Post-Postmodernism' (Group exhibition), CNAC/ Lab, Tokyo
2022: 'Back to Back. From Backyard to Boulevard', Mutant Gallery, Antwerp