The out-of-print catalog 'Land_Scope' presents a variety of ways in which photo artists such as BIALOBRZESKI, DEVLIN, EGGLESTON, GHIRRI, GÜTSCHOW, HÜTTE, JOHNE, KEETMAN, MOSSE, RIEBESEHL, RUFF, SHORE, SUGIMOTO approach the landscape.
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The late 1970s and 1980s represented a period of upheaval in photography history: the photo-theoretical discourse questioned the 'truth of the moment'. This catalog contains photographs by FISCHLI & WEISS, Candida HÖFER, Stephen SHORE, and many more.
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The photo volume 'Chongqing Souvenir' Lukas BIRK is about how to bring impersonal images of violence to discussion. The people depicted in the book are dissidents who have been mounted in a book designed in the manner of private memory albums of the time.
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'CCCP Underground' by Frank HERFORT shows metro systems of the Soviet era. From Moscow to Bucharest, Baku to Tbilisi, they come together to form a holistic, comprehensive representation of socialist art which relates to people's everyday lives to this day
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The compendium includes many international photographers of diff. groups & schools of 20th century (New Vision, Straight Photography, New Topographics, New Color, Becher School), collected by Gallery Kicken in Berlin to celebrate their 30's birthday.
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Out-of-print 'Facies Dolorosa' by Hans KILLIAN aims to provide an insight into the medical & scientific value of facial expressions in the diagnosis, classification and prognosis of serious illnesses. The images are analyzed & commented on by the author.
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with photo books by Mark STEINMETZ, Anthony HERNANDEZ, Bevan DAVIES, Katy GRANNAN, Sage SOHIER & John HUMBLE, Sage SOHIER, Mark STEINMETZ
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