About German photographer ,Alexander BINDER (b. 1976, in Pforzheim)

Alexander BINDER (*1976 in Pforzheim) lives and works in Stuttgart. His work is characterized by the combination of digital and analog photography - he combines modern SLR cameras with old and self-made lenses. The resulting photographs are characterized by blurs, aperture spots and random reflections. His photographs have been published in numerous art, photography and lifestyle magazines, solo and group exhibitions (including in Warsaw and Montréal).

Photo books by Alexander BINDER

  • 'Infestation' (2008); 'Dream' (2009); 'Psychic, Blood of the Young' (2011); 'All Souls' (2011); 'Golgotha' (2012); 'WUD' (2012); 'The Inner' (2013); 'Crystal Without Love' (2015); 'Hunger Artist' (2019); 'Meditation' (2022).

'Allerseelen' by Alexander BINDER brings together a phantasmagoria of mystical images. He has seamlessly managed to blend crystal rainbows with even the most arcane and dark twilights and thus once again constructing a world of haunting beauty & mysticism
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