This anthology contains 160 pictures by ninety female photographers to answer the question of whether there is a 'female gaze' in photography. The focus is on the four major subject areas of social reality, family, female body and virtual reality.
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English or German. Based on Helmar LERSKI's series 'Metamorphosis', this compendium, 'Faces. The power of the face', brings togehter portraits from the time of the Weimar Republic. Experiments, feminist role-playing games and political ideologies collide.
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The original edition of '60 Fotos', designed by Jan TSCHICHOLD. Vol #1 of the 'Fototek' series, the first and only photo book by Aenne BIERMANN, contains Franz ROH's important essay 'The literary controversy about photography' in English, French & German.
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This part of the two-volume work, 'Autopsie. Volume 1', by photo book expert Manfred HEITING presents the German-language titles of the interwar period in all their variety. The focus lies on the German-speaking countries and the period from 1918 to 1945.
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The design of the commented, long-awaited reprint of the 1st volume of the legendary 'Fototek' book series, '60 Photos' by Aenne BIERMANN is 99% based on the original design by Jan TCHICHOLD. The Fototek series already ended with #2 by Laszlo MOHOLY-NAGY.
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The catalog volume for the exhibition 'Die Neue Sachlichkeit' at Centre Pompidou shows 32 photographs by August SANDER, surrounded by artists and subjects from painting & sculpture, design & architecture, photography, film & graphics, theater & literature
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The photographic catalog volume 'Aenne Biermann. Fotografin' presents the work of the self-taught photographer as an example of photographic modernism beyond the centers of the avant-garde and also addresses the self-image of bourgeois women in the 1920s.
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Overview volume from Folkwang Museum Essen on Aenne BIERMANN's work with biography. "The single object, which never stood out from the group of well-known images in its familiar surroundings, assumed a unique life on the focusing screen." (Aenne BIERMANN)
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For the first time, the author, M.Stoll, outlines a theory of the photo book as a school of vision, based on the theoretical, media-specific, political and artistic context of the photo books '60 Fotos' by Aenne BIERMANN and 'Das Watt' by Alfred EHRHARDT.
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'Photographers A-Z' brings together photographers who have made a significant contribution to photographic culture, as well as the most important photographic volumes of the past century. The entries are illustrated with facsimiles from books & magazines.
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